Meet Dr Ditch

Dr. Bob Ditch is a veteran Fire/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) first responder, Chief Officer, and Homeland Security/EMS and Disaster/Incident Management planner/educator who has concentrated his over 32 years of service on active duty in the United States Air Force and 13 years in retirement supporting, disaster, terrorism, fire service, EMS/mass casualty response operations, emergency management, homeland security education and adult education. He teaches for numerous universities and State Emergency Management Agencies, and is a consultant in Emergency /Disaster Management/Planning, Exercise Planning, Hospital/Healthcare Preparedness and Terrorism/Homeland Security. He has served as a regional Medical Director for the United Nations; a Planning Section Chief on a Metropolitan Medical Response System – Strike Team, a Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team and Incident Response Coordination Team; and a Regional Type III Incident Management Team. He has deployed and responded to over two dozen federally declared and four international disaster missions including 9/11 in New York City, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Somalia famine, Cholera Outbreak in Ecuador, Haiti Earthquake, and recent hurricanes Isaac and Sandy disasters. He recently returned from serving on the Federal/State Unified Command Group – Zika Task Force in Puerto Rico. He has also responded on numerous hurricanes, tornados, winter storms, typhoons, plane crashes, missing person, rescue, and HAZMAT incidents. He has served as a fire officer/firefighter /paramedic for 40 years. He currently serves on a Squadron Command staff and on the National Headquarters for Civil Air Patrol; the United States Air Force Auxiliary. In this volunteer role he has served as an Incident Commander on multiple Search & Rescue, Disaster Response, and Homeland Security missions.